LPT 336

industrial pressure transmitter

LPT 336

The industrial pressure transmitter LPT 336 with welded stainless steel sensor was especially developed for hydrogen applications and can also be used with other technical gases, e.g. oxygen.

This is achieved by using an alloy based on stainless steel AISI 316L which prevents hydrogen embrittlement of the media-wetted parts. Level of hydrocarbon and particle contamination are significantly reduced by special treatment during production and cleaning.

Pressure transmitter LPT 336 specially for hydrogen applications

LPT 336

Industrial pressure transmitter with welded stainless steel sensor


  • Pressure ranges from 0...16 bar up to 0...1000 bar
  • Accuracy ±0.5% FSP according to IEC 60770
  • Wetted parts in special stainless steel
  • Insensitive to pressure peaks
  • High overpressure capability
  • Oil and grease free according to ISO 15001 (e.g. for oxygen applications)

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