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Windows-PC software

You own a documenting pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300?

Then this Windows-PC® software LPC300-Cal is just right for you:

  • Online calibrations "Live-Cal"
  • Create and edit calibration procedures
  • Download of calibration data after on-site processing of calibrations
  • Easy generation of calibration certificates (MS-Excel® must be installed)
  • Easy individualization of the certificate layout with all possibilites MS-Excel® offers


LPC300-Cal software
Online Calibration with LPC300-Cal software

Online Calibration


In the case of online calibration, the LR-Cal LPC 300 is connected to your PC via USB during calibration.

In case of an analog unit under test you enter the actual values of the unit under test into the software, in case of an unit under test with standard signal output (mA, V) you take over the actual values of the unit under test by pressing a key.

You manually move to the desired test points until you have recorded all target value pairs that you require. You then create a calibration certificate at the touch of a button., the layout of which you can adapt to your requirements in MS-Excel®.

Calibration procedures

create - edit - save

You can create and edit calibration procedures not only on the LR-Cal LPC 300 pressure calibrator (via the numeric keypad of the instrument), but - considerably more convenient - also on the PC with the LPC300-Cal software. You determine the type, measuring range, pressure medium (gaseous, liquid), measuring accuracy and pressure measuring range of the test specimen, the desired pressure points in the upward and downward cycle and, if desired, holding times (dwell times) at the respective pressure points.

The calibration procedures created with the LPC300-Cal software can be saved on your PC and uploaded to your LR-Cal LPC 300 pressure calibrator for processing if required.

Calibration procedures with LPC300-Cal software
Certificate created with LPC300-Cal software

Calibration Certificates

Generation of certificates of calibration

The formatting of your calibration certificates is done with MS-Excel®. For this purpose, a template file is supplied that you can adapt to your individual requirements, using all the tools that MS-Excel® offers you. So you can not only adapt your own company logo and adress data, you can design the entire appearance according to your wishes.

You enter your certificate data such as certificate number, issue date, customer name, customer order number, order date, order item, type of test item and name of company expert into your template or certificate file using MS-Excel®.

You can print, archive, etc. your self-created certificates.

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